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Myles Frosst

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He has managed two agri-food sector associations: one corporate based and the other supporting scientists and professional agronomists.  To these institutions he brought:

  • leadership,
  • effective financial, human resource, marketing and strategic management skills,
  • innovative fundraising, team building and internet based collaboration techniques.

From 2007 – 2010, Myles served the members and clients of the Agricultural Institute of Canada as its CEO.  Through effective human resource and financial management he significantly improved the financial performance of the organization.  He also expanded the membership base and built trust with senior representatives of the agri-food, renewable fuels, bio-fibres and health sectors across commodity and product lines and throughout individual value chains.

His successes as Executive Director of the Canadian Agri-food Marketing Council (CAMC) from 1997 – 2007 included:

  • building consensus among industry factions leading to common goals,
  • effective policy advice based on his industry and government expertise,
  • marketing and advocacy that altered federal and provincial trade development programs, regulatory policies, and competitiveness strategies.

CAMC was an advisory body to the Federal Ministers of Agriculture and Agri-Food and of International Trade.  Myles guided CAMC through both Conservative and Liberal governments.

An economist by training and graduate of McGill, he also has a background in trade policy and concurrently managed, for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade between 1989 and 1997, six different industry sector advisory groups on international trade (including the Agriculture, Food and Beverage advisory group.) He steered them all through the conclusion of the last successful round of multilateral trade negotiations (the “Uruguay Round”) and implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Myles is currently a Visiting Academic at the University of Guelph, leading a research initiative on the competitiveness of food manufacturing in Ontario. Concurrently, Myles is consulting for the Canadian Federation of Agriculture on a National Food Strategy.

Myles is committed to enhancing the profile and capacity of agriculture to successfully solve some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.

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