Future Fields Consulting convenes stakeholder consultations for clients working to build a profitable and sustainable agri-food sector and other value chains of the agro-economy.

Some of the ends to which effective stakeholder consultations can be put include: developing a new industry association or reinvigorating an existing one; positioning your company as a leader in social corporate responsibility; engaging other stakeholders along the supply chain to help shape public policy; or fostering innovation by pulling together the best minds in the industry.

The initiator and principle consultant of Future Fields is Myles Frosst.  Myles combines in-depth knowledge of the agri-food sector and its key players, industry associations, government policy and programs including funding opportunities with exceptional management skills, commitment and diplomacy required to engage stakeholders along the various agri-food supply chains.

Our clients are governments, individual companies or their industry associations, and the academic research community.

Working closely with our clients, the services we provide include:

  1. designing the consultation strategy
  2. identifying and then securing the commitment of the stakeholders required to implement the strategy
  3. facilitating consultations and mediating among stakeholders
  4. reporting on the consultation process and the outcomes
  5. managing the consultations so that stakeholders find common ground consistent with our clients’ objectives.

These services can be applied to a variety of objectives, including:

  1. for government – reconciling diverse interests in agri-food policy; insightful, innovative and practical advice for sound public policy formulation and program delivery
  2. for industry – harnessing the ideas of others along the value-chain for more effective government relations, association funding,  and stakeholder buy-in to industry objectives
  3. for the academic community– greater success rate in obtaining research funding and, in certain disciplines, research and teaching results can effect change.

With over twenty years of experience convening stakeholder consultations for government, industry and universities in the agri-food sector, Future Fields can design and implement stakeholder consultations that will meet your public policy, business or research needs.

For more information contact Myles Frosst at 613-897-1601 or leave a reply  in the box below.