Canadian Federation of Agriculture AGM

The CFA AGM (February 27 – March 1) is one opportunity for leaders in the Canadian agri-food production to discuss possibilities of a National Food Policy and governance. Among the presenters are: Carla Ventin (Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC);  Murad Al-Katib (President, AGT and Chair of the Economic Strategy – Agr-Food Roundtable) and Minister McAulay. The priorities of FCPC and those of the Roundtable may very well be part of NFP and could potentially be brought up in discussion among the members of CFA and other participants. Equally important for an effective, long-term, NFP are private and public actions, including research, for a sustainable environment without which Canadian agri-food could not be a world leader. Dr. Lois Wright Morton, (Farmer Leader, North American Climate Smart
Agriculture Alliance) will be presenting.