Future Fields the web site is intended to foster awareness of public policy issues pertaining to the profitable and sustainable contribution of the agri-economy to the economy as a whole.

The inspiration for this site came from my appreciation of two facts ascertained while CEO of the Agricultural Institute of Canada and, before that, the Executive Director of the Canadian Agri-food Marketing Council:

  • Much progress is being made around the world, through the hard work and dedication of many people and institutions, to transform our sustainable agricultural resources into solutions to some of the most pressing challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century.
  • Canadians are very fortunate to live in a nation that is blessed with the resources required to profitably and sustainably produce the many goods and services that depend on agriculture as a feedstock. Those resources include: arable land, water, access to financial capital, intellectual capital, other human resources, a  tax and regulatory system that has facilitated innovation, and a willingness of individuals and institutions to form partnerships to identify and solve problems.

With these resources at hand — if we nurture them — Canadians are in a promising position to “produce more with less” within the agri-economy.  I strongly believe that the institutions and people who daily focus their attention on the agri-economy can collectively produce, to name but a few of the benefits of the agri-economy, more food, more “green” fuel, more environmental goods and services, stronger local economies, and more health products.  And we can do so at less cost:  less soil degradation, less water usage,  fewer food borne illnesses, less waste, etc.